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1st Place, Restaurant Challenge – National Shrimp Festival

GIVE Award, Community Excellence – Gov. Phil Bryant, MS

Top Outdoor Dining – Mississippi Magazine

Find your location below to join our waitlist!

Shaggy’s is busier than ever! Our increased demand has also increased our table wait times, but don’t worry… we have a solution! You can now get on the waitlist from the comfort of your home! That’s right… Get on the waitlist before you even arrive at the restaurant.
What’s even better? Guests on the waitlist can take advantage of 1/2 off select drinks*, participate in beach games, and enjoy beautiful waterfront views, all before you sit down to eat! At Shaggy’s… We make the wait GREAT!
PLEASE NOTE: The waitlist time provided is an estimate and not a guarantee. Please check with the host stand upon arrival for a more accurate wait time. Parties of seven or more can only join the waitlist in person. Shaggy’s does not take reservations.

*This offer is only valid for select drinks.

Joining our waitlist is simple!

Locate the Restaurant below and select Join Waitlist. If there’s no wait, come on in!

Enter your information to get an estimated wait time.

*Check in with the host upon arrival for a more accurate wait time.

Enjoy the wait from the comfort of your home, or head on up to Shaggy’s to take advantage of 1/2 off drinks while you wait.

Once your table is ready you will receive a text message to head back over to the host stand.

*If you joined the waitlist remotely, please check in with the host stand upon arrival.