story and photos by Julian Brunt

There isn’t a question that the Salty Oyster is a pretty cool place. Just driving up in the parking lot and seeing
the repurposed cargo containers, bright blue and yellow, now that was a very cool idea indeed. It’s a raised deck with
a bar that will make you think you’re in the Caribbean. There’s a refreshing lack of big screen T.V.s so you can actually have a conversation with your friends along with a great view of the Mississippi Sound and white sand beach.

COntainers SML
Is that all? Aren’t there a handful of places just like that right next door? Nope, you got that wrong. The Salty Oyster is a great place to hang out with friends, the view can’t be beat, and there is almost always a cool breeze coming off the salty water.

But it’s more too. It’s a place you can drop in when you’re in a hurry, get seated, eat and be out just as fast as you like. It’s also a great place to bring the family for a relaxing afternoon or evening, but there’s still more. If you’re
a serious aficionado of the classic American cheeseburger, like I am, then this is a place to come and savor one of the best burgers on the Coast. What could be better than taking a hot afternoon off, watching the sun go down with a few friends, and getting a seriously good burger and a cold beer?

Cheeseburger SML

The menu is petit, but for this sort of beach side joint, it’s perfect. You’ll be delighted to see a very good smoked tuna dip on the menu. It’s a Gulf Coast classic that seemed to disappear for a while, but it’s back in a major way. Also, think about the crispy fried calamari, wonderfully paired with red onion, jalapeños, and a dead-to-rights lemon pesto aioli. I knew this place was going to surprise you! The raw and chargrilled oysters round out the things you might want to try as starters.
Oysters SML

The cheeseburger really does headline the entrée list, and the great fries, crispy and perfectly cooked, couldn’t be a better accompaniment. Another choice you should not ignore is the mahi tacos: a thick filet of delicious seasoned fish, chopped red tomato, lettuce, a slice of lemon, and a garnish of cilantro. Now that’s good!
Fish Tacos SML

The Salty Oyster just might be that comfortable, relaxed, beachside place you’ve been looking for. Stop by with friends or family and enjoy the pastel Mississippi Sound sunsets, grab a cold one and just chill. But don’t forget that cheeseburger; it’s got your name written all over it.